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We are in Amsterdam at the PLMA show! 

The show brings together retailers and manufacturers from all around the world.

You can find us at the Finnish stand in hall no. 5, our stand number is 5.U07.  Come and say hello!


The Jemma-can comes to the rescue, when you want to easily cook delicious food or if your fridge is empty! 


It's good to always have canned food in the cupboard, but Jemma is so good, that instead of waiting for a "bad day", the jar can be easily opened every day!

It's always a good day when a Jemma-can is opened!

Butter Chicken, Pulled Pork BBQ and Vege Gochujang - Jemma's first products now on sale in well-stocked stores!



Butter chicken is boldly as authentic as possible - and now the flavors are not diluted. The chicken melts in your mouth after long cooking and the sauce is so good, that you want to eat the product until the last forkful. ​



Pulled pork is now canned in a convenient and easy form. The sauce is mildly sweet and also suitable for children's mouths. Delicious between a hamburger or a french loaf. We have added fresh tomatoes to the sauce to give it flavor. 



Veggie rolls in a mildly hot gochujang sauce are a great novelty. Rolls are a familiar product to Finns, but now it has a new twist, since these rolls are completely vegan and the sauce has flavors from around the world: Korean gochujang-paste is the backbone of the fiery sauce. The rolls are manufactured from pea protein. ​


All products are ready to eat. You can choose the side dish according to your taste: rice, pasta, pita bread or even a quick wok. ​


Storage: The products are conserves, i.e. they can be stored unopened at room temperature for five years. Once opened, the product can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days.​



Behind Jemma is a company called Vähäsarja Oy. Our story began over 30 years ago by the sea. Over the years, our company has for example created wonderful fish products, imported herring and in the 21st century we've been focusing on canned goods. 

Raimo-father fell ill, and it was a turning point for the company. A final warning so to speak, but at the same time also a new opportunity. Daughter Mari returned to the family business, and since then the company has purposefully been developed forward - together. 

Our goal is to renew the shelf of canned food products, and bring delicious novelties for the consumers! 

We created the Jemma-brand while competing in a TV-format called "A Finnish Success Recipe", in which we resulted as a finalist in 2023, ending up on the third place of  the whole competition!



Hi there!

Let's keep in touch!


Sales manager / international sales


+358 40 504 9960


Konikarvontie 200

85180 Rahja, FINLAND


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